Exciting news: I’m an SEO Chicklet!

A little while ago I read Sheryl Sandberg’s fantastic book, Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead. At the time, I got really excited and decided I wanted to write a review so that other people would be inspired to read it too. But I knew that if I published it here, the readership numbers wouldn’t get it very far.

Now the amazing¬†Hannah Smith, one of my colleagues at Distilled, writes for a great SEO blog, SEO Chicks, and all the contributors are women in the industry. So I had a thought to ask Hannah¬†if she thought they’d be interested in my idea as a guest post. She checked with Lisa Myers, who started the blog, and Lisa was happy to publish it so I wrote the review and sent it off to Lisa.

Lisa replied, and was not only happy with the post but offered me a spot as a regular contributor to the SEO Chicks blog. So now I’m officially a baby Chick.


[Image credit: www.seo-chicks.com]

The best part is that, after reading my review, at least three people have told me that they now plan to read the book. So my masterplan for this post is paying off!

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