Bridget Randolph is a internationally recognized search engine optimization expert and consultant. Her writing on SEO topics has been featured on websites including Moz and Search Engine Journal, and she has presented at a range of well-respected SEO and marketing conferences and events in the US and Europe.

In her consulting work, Bridget specializes in working with companies in a phase of growth, who are ready to scale their existing efforts and take their marketing strategies to a new level. Bridget’s results-oriented, personalized approach empowers her clients to amplify their reach and grow traffic exponentially.

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What her clients say:

“Bridget worked with us for a year and helped us understand what digital marketing meant and how it could help us accelerate our growth and recognition objectives. …Two years since we first met Bridget our on-line presence is transformed and we can point at the revenue that has come from those efforts.”

— Antony E., CTO at an international software company

“We’ve learned a great deal from working with Bridget, and looking back on the time we’ve worked together, I am truly in awe at what she’s taught us and helped us accomplish. I almost want to say she’s made herself redundant in how well she’s helped us use her knowledge to execute on our projects, but that’s far from the truth as she always manages to share new information, insight, and skills that can have a critical impact on any business that she works with.”

— Julia J., digital marketing manager with a major SaaS provider