Bridget Randolph is an internationally recognized marketing strategist and business consultant, with a specialty in search engine optimization (SEO). Her writing on marketing topics has been featured on several industry websites including Moz and Shopify, and she is a contributor to the 2019 marketing best practices book Marketing Now compiled by David Bain. Bridget is also a conference speaker who has presented at events in both the US and Europe.

bridget randolph speaker searchlove
Bridget speaking at Searchlove London

Bridget works with growing businesses ready for the next level, helping them expand to their fullest potential, remove blocks to growth and thrive. She takes a data-driven, analytical approach to strategy, and leverages her leadership coaching skills to develop empowered teams. Her favorite projects are those that involve supporting a C-suite team to gain clarity and implement an execution plan for their vision, and deploy staff more effectively through understanding individual strengths and interests. She loves to work with organizations which prioritize transparency, personal ownership and continuous improvement, especially those which also support socially conscious causes.

Bridget’s approach to business strategy, growth, and leadership development blends qualitative strengths (deep empathy, individual-focused management style, in-depth understanding of business principles) with analytical skills (web and data analytics, trend analysis, forecasting). This combination drives her focus on helping companies achieve profitable, sustainable growth rather than chasing irrelevant metrics.

Bridget holds an M.Sc. in Anthropology from the University of Oxford, and applies this academic lens within her professional context, understanding behavior and cultural trends both inside an organization and within the broader consumer market from a scientific as well as human perspective.

bridget randolph speaker learninbound dublin
Bridget speaking on the future of mobile search at LearnInbound Dublin

What her clients say:

“Bridget worked with us for a year and helped us understand what digital marketing meant and how it could help us accelerate our growth and recognition objectives. …Two years since we first met Bridget our on-line presence is transformed and we can point at the revenue that has come from those efforts.”

— Antony E., CTO at an international B2B software company

“We’ve learned a great deal from working with Bridget, and looking back on the time we’ve worked together, I am truly in awe at what she’s taught us and helped us accomplish. I almost want to say she’s made herself redundant in how well she’s helped us use her knowledge to execute on our projects, but that’s far from the truth as she always manages to share new information, insight, and skills that can have a critical impact on any business that she works with.”

— Julia J., digital marketing manager with a major SaaS provider