Welcome to my new blog!

bridget1Hello everyone, and welcome to my very first blog post on my new personal website! I don’t really have anything particular to say, but it’s bothering me that my homepage is empty.

I’m having a very busy week at work as well as when I’m home, sorting various projects and generally settling into life in the City (aka London). But things are slowly but surely falling into place. ¬†Hopefully once things settle I’ll have time to write a proper post, instead of just rambling on.

But it’s quite late, so for now I’ll sign off. TTFN!


I'm an SEO analyst based in London at Distilled, a digital marketing agency. I love learning and talking about online marketing, especially geeky stuff about mobile, social media strategy, and cross-platform integration. I'm also very interested in the way that developments in mobile technology and social media affect both our online and offline experiences, and how these changes impact the nature of digital marketing. And I take a guilty pleasure in reading time/finance/career/team management and personal development books.

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One comment on “Welcome to my new blog!
  1. Aijaz Ali says:

    Hello, how r u, it is nice to read your first post.

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