I’m on TV! (well, Youtube) …

…also, my Distilled blog post on mobile and Google Analytics is live, and other updates

Hopefully in the next couple weeks I’ll start writing more regularly here, but since my last post I’ve been really busy with various projects at work and at home.

Recently, I filmed a short video with my boss, Will Critchlow, for the #DistilledLive Youtube series, in which we talked about mobile sites and search:

distilledlive video on mobile sites and search screenshot

Screenshot from the DistilledLive video on mobile sites and search.

You can also find the entire video and a text transcription here on the Distilled blog.

Also, a couple weeks ago my first Distilled blog post was published, on tracking mobile visitors with Google Analytics.

Check them out and let me know what you think in the comments section!

Now I’m working with the amazing Kristina Kledzik on a best practice guidelines document on Mobile SEO, which should be done in the next couple of weeks. I’ll also be speaking at the end of May at our next Distilled London meetup, so I’m starting to prepare for that as well.

Outside of work projects I’ve been taking a couple Skillshare classes, one of which was about building apps using APIs. I’m still working on the final project for that course but I learned a lot and it was pretty exciting to see what can be done with the Facebook and Twilio APIs. I’m also working on building my testing site, www.bridgetrandolphtests.com, where you can see some of the (so far relatively unexciting) results of my API experiments.

And I’m now a member of the Michael Grandage Company Futures, which is a youth theatre company working alongside the Michael Grandage Company during it’s first season, Feb 2013-2014. So that’s been pretty exciting…look for more updates on that soon.

I'm an SEO analyst based in London at Distilled, a digital marketing agency. I love learning and talking about online marketing, especially geeky stuff about mobile, social media strategy, and cross-platform integration. I'm also very interested in the way that developments in mobile technology and social media affect both our online and offline experiences, and how these changes impact the nature of digital marketing. And I take a guilty pleasure in reading time/finance/career/team management and personal development books.

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