SEO Consulting

Do you need help improving your search engine rankings? Suffering from an algorithm penalty? Or just not sure where to start with all this “SEO” stuff?

I can help.

I have extensive experience in technical SEO and on-page optimization, and have worked with clients of all sizes from small, local businesses to global enterprise brands with lots of domains and millions of pages.

I will:

  • audit your site for technical issues and provide you with a full report and recommendations
  • assist you in defining a search marketing strategy based on your vertical and your business goals
  • provide you and your team with training in SEO and analytics tools so that you can gain insight more quickly

What my clients say:

“[Bridget] never fails to approach a problem holistically. This means we are always confident in the final decision, and understand the best approach for the projects she’s worked on with us, and the results speak for themselves as our company has truly benefited from having her on our side. …We’ve learned a great deal from working with Bridget, and looking back on the time we’ve worked together, I am truly in awe at what she’s taught us and helped us accomplish. I almost want to say she’s made herself redundant in how well she’s helped us use her knowledge to execute on our projects, but that’s far from the truth as she always manages to share new information, insight, and skills that can have a critical impact on any business that she works with.”

— Julia J., digital marketing manager for a major SaaS provider

If you are ready to start growing your business and gaining more traffic to your website, I’d love to talk! Reach out today for a free consultation call.