Public Speaking Coaching

Have you recently been invited to speak at an industry conference for the first time? Preparing for a big corporate presentation? Or maybe you’ve been asked to give a best man or maid of honor toast and you’re not sure where to start?

I can help. I have extensive speaking and writing experience, have trained in acting, improv and standup comedy, and have provided coaching and training in public speaking across a wide range of events and contexts, including:

  • large industry conferences
  • industry meetups
  • exhibitions and industry events
  • corporate/boardroom presentations
  • sales pitches
  • wedding speeches

If you’re preparing for an important presentation or speech, I can provide you with coaching and support. I will:

  • workshop your ideas and topics with you and help you create a solid structure for your content
  • support you in ensuring that you communicate your key points effectively
  • provide feedback on your presentation and practice your delivery with you
  • provide you with training in charisma and stage presence and tips for overcoming stage fright

If you’re ready to overcome your nerves and give the best presentation of your life, I’d love to talk to you! Reach out today for a free consultation call.