My Background

What my clients say:

“Bridget is one-of-a-kind: she makes the effort to get to know who she’s working with in a genuine way that helps in building a trusting and lasting relationship, and will certainly get you laughing with her wit and humour.”

— Julia J., digital marketing manager with a major SaaS provider

“Bridget worked with us for a year and helped us understand what digital marketing meant and how it could help us accelerate our growth and recognition objectives. …Two years since we first met Bridget our on-line presence is transformed and we can point at the revenue that has come from those efforts.”

— Antony E., CTO at an international software company

I believe that every individual and every brand has a unique, valuable story
to tell. This belief drives my passion for performance and storytelling as an art form, and as a communications tool for individuals and businesses who want to make their mark on the world.

I love to help creative people and brands identify their unique voice and share their stories. As a consultant, I work with my clients to understand what they care about and what they want to communicate to their particular audiences, and then help them figure out how to do just that!

I regularly write for industry blogs and speak at marketing conferences. This experience enables me to support others in developing their ideas into a clear structure, figuring out what they want to say, and editing their content effectively, whether with copywriting and editorial support or with public speaking coaching.

bridget randolph speaker searchlove

Speaking at Searchlove London

My interest in stories also drives my educational path and personal projects – I have trained in music, acting, improv and comedy, and am currently co-producing a webseries and writing a short film.  I hold a masters’ degree in Anthropology from the University of Oxford, and a B.A. in History.

In my free time, I love baking, watching quiz shows, reading biographies and memoirs, visiting National Trust properties (and old houses in general), and absolutely anything related to theater and film. I also have a weakness for business, psychology and personal development books, so you may see some reviews of my favorite ones popping up on my blog!